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Why is regular Rug Cleaning so important? Rugs are quite often expensive and also treasured contents in the home.

Our modern living habits will test most of us mentally and physiologically. Everything seems to change ever quicker and sometimes you may struggle to keep up. Rugs getting dull and dirty can just creep up to you because there is so much going on. Pets and small children have unique needs. They also contribute significantly to having an increase domestic cleaning  requirements.

Rugs are mostly placed in higher traffic areas. The dirt and bacteria walked into a house will quite often end up on the rug which acts a bit like a magnet is some instances. The more traffic – the quicker the dirt gets deposited and the more often your rugs will require restoration.


rug cleaning


Remove Your Shoes


It sounds a very simple rule to enforce. In practice, most of you either feel embarrassed or  just cannot be bothered to ask the family or friends to adhere to such a request. The advantages of taking shoes off far outweigh the feeling of unease that some of you may experience. If you make removing your shoes before people enter your home a rule, your rugs will last so much longer. The abrasive nature of soil causes fibre damage over time.


Chem-Dry Distinction Rug Cleaning Service to the Rescue


We have a free collection and delivery service. This allows us to use all the tools available to restore your rugs to the highest standards possible. Our technicians are able to clean your rugs at home if our collection/delivery service is not an option.

In our workshop, the rugs are comprehensively dusted with a Wolverine Duster. This process removes large amounts of sand and dry dirt. It is much easier to restore rugs properly after they have been dusted.

Rug Fringes are cleaned and extracted and then dried quickly to avoid colour migration and/or browning. If our technicians are not satisfied with the initial restoration results are repeated. This option is only available if we are allowed to take the rugs offsite.

The cleaning options are adjusted to fit the rug type. Vegetable dye oriental rugs require far more delicate attention than machine made synthetic floor coverings. Immersion may be required where rugs are affected by pet urine. Wool Rug Cleaning is again a gentler process compared to nylon fibres. Silk rug can be air blasted and then solvent cleaned to get the best results.

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