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Mould Removal for Healthier Sydney Homes

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Mould removal is fast becoming one of the more important cleaning services. Black mould is quite often found on ceiling, walls, carpet and furniture. Apart from the fact that the mould may smell unpleasant,  untreated areas can also stain building material permanently.


Mould Removal


Why is the demand for Mould Remediation on the increase in Sydney?

People are becoming much more aware of the health implications of mould spore inhalation. The latest health studies point to the role that mould spores play in affecting indoor air quality. Many allergic reactions can be linked to exposure to excessive amounts of mould. Sneezing, Eczema, Rhinitis and Asthma could be triggered by mould. Modern societies are no longer prepared to accept that we have to put up with an allergy-inducing indoor environment. The relationship between moisture and mould has been scrutinised like never before. The online information available has made everybody more health conscious.

The amount and frequency of water damage are on the increase. Global warming has led to ever stronger storms and extreme weather events in Sydney. To make matters worse, contents insurance premiums have risen significantly. Previous claims experience caused even further premium increases. Add to this the fact that policy excesses have gone up (in an attempt to temper premium surges) and you have a perfect storm for mould incubation. Why is that happening? Policyholders are not keen to make claims where water ingress is not significant or want to save money by trying to carry out the water damage restoration themselves. When homes are not restored properly through water extraction, drying with air movement + dehumidification, then cleaned and antimicrobially treated, mould incubation will follow.


What can Chem-Dry do to help?


We investigate the causes of mould. Our technicians can locate on-going water ingress. Mould samples are collected and sent off to a laboratory if mould testing is required. We are also able to clean and decontaminated carpets, soft furnishings, contents, walls, ceilings and other parts of your home.


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