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Leather Upholstery Cleaning – Our Professional Restoration Process

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Leather Upholstery Cleaning is sometimes one of the forgotten restoration services.Quality leather furniture will last a long time and is found to outperform fabric upholstery. This means that with a little care and maintenance from leather cleaners, your leather furniture will continue to look as good as new. This is not always the case with fabric couches. Leather cleaning is worth the expense and effort. Quite a lot is written on leather care because it is so important.


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How Does Leather Furniture Become Dirty?
  • Oils and Grease – Sweating on leather furniture is quite a problem. Body oils can easily attach and transfer to the head cushions and armrests of your leather furniture and can cause serious damage to the protective finishes found on leather.
  • Normal dust and dirt – If you think about how much dust is removed through cleaning vertical surfaces and vacuuming, it is little wonder that leather upholstery becomes dull and dirty over time. We shed skin all the time and make a huge contribution to daily dust production. Some of the dust will mix with body oils and may become ingrained dirt.
  • Common Soils – These soils include the common dirt tracked in from outside and garden by adults, kids and pets. Even dirt from shoes scuffing the furniture is something to consider.
  • Dyes and Inks – Reading newspapers on a sofa is something that most adults may do from time to time. readily be deposited on leather. Clothes such as denim and other dark clothing can transfer dye onto your leather upholstery. The lighter coloured sofas will, of course, show the dyes and ink transfer more clearly.


Our Leather Cleaning process is gentle but effective

The Chem-Dry Distinction is able to offer the best range of leather restoration services available in the industry. Our certified technicians are specially trained to identify your type of leather and resolve your leather cleaning needs. World-Class cleaning solutions will gently remove all the bacteria and ingrained dirt on the upholstery. This is a hand cleaning process where Chem-Dry experience and cleaning solutions combine to give you fantastic results. 

Our Leather Upholstery Cleaning process is followed by a Leather Conditioning application. This protectant acts as a stain resistant barrier against dirt and spills. It helps your couches to stay clean much longer. The final result of leather cleaning and condition can be quite spectacular once we have finished our work. Many of our repeat customers confirm that we are truly a market leader in leather furniture cleaning in Sydney.

Our Company specialises in fabric sofa restoration as well and even offer an antique wood restoration service.


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