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Dust Mite Treatment is one of our less visible services. In just about all Sydney homes, you find dust. In the dust are creatures that would horrify us if we could see them. Dust Mites form part of our micro-environment. They feed on our skin fragments which we are constantly shedding,  are invisible to the naked eye and are about 0.3mm in length.


dust mite treatment


Why would you need Dust Mites Treated?

The latest studies on indoor allergen triggers point to two major volatile organic compounds. Dust Mite droppings and Mould Spores.  Inside the deposits of the Mite is a protein that has been found to cause allergic reactions in humans and more particularly is a trigger for asthma. Although many products are sold as the solution to getting rid of Dust Mites, these claims are misleading at best. Cleaning, steaming and dust removal may help but the sheer number of Mites present makes eradication an impossible task. One thing that experts do suggest is to control the humidity in the bedrooms where possible. Low humidity will control Dust Mite population to a degree but unfortunately, Sydney’s weather makes low humidity maintenance a tricky prospect.

What makes Chem-Dry’s Dust Mite Treatment Unique

Our patented solution neutralises the allergen. It interacts with the protein in the faeces of the Dust Mite instead of trying to kill the Mites. Although many companies sell products to kill Dust Mites or bedding that is supposed to be Dust Mite proof, we suggest that you save your money and focus on containment. Dust Mite Eradication is  regarded as futile by many leaders in the field of medicine. Because of the sheer number of Dust Mites, our treatment becomes less effective after 6 months. Regular treatment is, however, a small price to pay when you consider that you may be able to sleep a lot easier.


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