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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

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Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services are aimed at building managers, hotels, companies with offices, pubs, clubs, strata managers, cinemas, restaurants, night clubs, golf clubs, ship owners, schools, churches, bus companies and even aeroplane operators. Wherever commercial carpets are found in Sydney, we have done work at any time of the day or week to ensure carpet maintenance is done with minimal disruption.


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Chem-Dry Distinction handles a very wide range of Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

Cleaning Commercial Carpets is far from a uniform service. Cinema complexes may have many theatre carpets and chairs all to be cleaned after the last showing. It means we start around 12pm and finish early morning. Carpet and upholstery together mean additional equipment and technicians who are prepared to work through the night.

Common area carpets are best cleaned around 10am as most residents have left for work and are likely to return much later.  Rapid re-soiling through external shoe traffic can be an issue on wet or damp carpets when apartment tenants use the stairs and/or landings after being outside. With our rapid drying carpet cleaning system this is less of an issue.

Golf Clubs have a small window for carpet cleaning maintenance work to be carried out. Muddy golf shoes can play havoc with carpets in high traffic areas. Mondays are usually the best day as there are fewer golfers around or the other option is to start work when everyone left for the day.

Many synthetic office carpets present a further problem. Static buildup can be shocking at times. We supply a great Anti-Static Treatment that will greatly diminish these kinds of surprises.

When companies suffer water ingress in Sydney, we are also able to do the water damage restoration from start to finish. Our technicians are trained to extract, dry, re-pin, clean and sanitise carpets of all shapes and sizes. We have many loyal commercial customers who rely on our wet carpet cleaning expertise.

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