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Time for a spring clean? The dog just had an accident? Children drawing all over the rug with a pen? There are many reasons for needing to have rugs cleaned. We have an answer to all of these little challenges with our comprehensive Chem-Dry rug cleaning process. We stand for a professional quality rug cleaning service where only the best possible results are good enough.

What procedures do we follow to ensure you are looked after?

Our rug cleaning services the whole of Sydney and this includes a free pickup and delivery service if the rugs are to be cleaned at our rug cleaning facility. The cost of restoration will be fully costed before we start the work.

If we remove the rugs it generally takes about a week before the rugs are returned. Our cleaning staff will not return the rugs if they are not 100% satisfied with the cleaning results. Our supervisor will also check the rugs before an appointment is made with the customers to take the rugs back.

Chem-Dry rug cleaning

We have cleaning options that may involve a combination of industrial rug dusting, sanitisation, pet odour removal, colour fast treatments, cleaning of tassels, replacement of fringes, air blasting, water blasting and full immersion. We have dedicated drying equipment to ensure that rugs are completely dry when we take them back. From bonnet cleaning, steam cleaning, hand cleaning to solvent cleaning – all options are available with Chem-Dry rug cleaning  

What kinds of rugs do we clean?

The question should really be what kinds of rugs are excluded from our service. The truth of the matter is that we clean a very wide range of rugs. From vegetable dye rugs to synthetic machine produced rugs. We also clean carpets, upholstery, tiles, mattresses and a whole range of other things. See here for more information on our quality services.

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